Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Table 51...

Today was the last day of work before a nice two days off, and I only had a half day, so I was excited.

I seriously need to stop getting up so late, because I learned that my Starbucks boost really does help. On my drive into work, I just wanted to sleep.

Today was my second day with four tables, so I knew that it was official, that I was ready for it! Woo!

My tables really weren't too bad today. I didn't make any mistakes today either! I had three tables who filled out surveys for me, and they were all good, so I must be doing something right. One lady who had a gluten allergy filled out one of the surveys for me and wrote, "Alex was an excellent server!!" Yessss. Then she went up to my supervisor and told him nice things. My supervisor took the time to tell me, "People think you're doing a great job, you're getting really nice comments."

WHY DIDN'T I LEAVE MY OLD JOB SOONER?! This is clearly a fit for me.

Ok, so Table 51...
My last table of the afternoon. They didn't really speak English...I'm not sure what they spoke, actually. The woman asked for a dinner menu, even though the meatloaf she ordered was on the lunch menu. Her and her male dinner partner (not sure what they were) ordered some beer. The woman ordered her second beer to eat with her lunch/dinner, since it was around 3:30.

She didn't touch her food until she finished her second beer. Which wasn't for a really. Long. Time.

Normally I wouldn't care, but I was done for the day with all of my side work and I didn't have any silver ware to roll up, and I wasn't a double. So I wanted to go home. The woman ordered vegetarian cannelloni to go when she got her food, so it almost made up for the time wasted. Then when the to go order was ready, she still wasn't through with her meal. I dropped off the check regardless.

20 minutes later, victory. They paid the check and wrote in the tip, I was home free. Just kidding, even though I was sitting here for over an hour, I was just told now to make lemonade. Ugh. Luckily the mix we use wasn't frozen, so I made it quickly, cashed out, and was told by my manager, "Great job."

I'm going to sleep after working four days in a row that were a bit crazy. I made $107 in tips today! Ridiculous for just a Tuesday lunch. I love it.

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