Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Friday, Friday

After a nice two days off, I was ready to make some money this morning. Except I go into work, and I'm not listed on the floor plan...but then we figured it out and I got a section to work in. Whew.

Lunch was not too bad. I really can't remember much of it, today was such a long day. I got cut really early and finished my side work and silver ware rollups by 2:00. I drove around aimlessly looking for somewhere to eat lunch, and on the way somehow hit my hubcap which sort of popped out a little....shh.

I drove on the highway into Reading to see what traffic would be like, and like I suspected, it's not worth it to go home during my break with all of the traffic. I stopped at Bagel World and got lunch, then ate it on the go. I went to Off Broadway and got some hot new black wedge shoes! Now I just need to go somewhere to show them off. Then I stopped into CVS. I looked around for things I wanted to get, but since I just spent $30 on shoes, I decided on nothing. co worker asked me to buy him cigarettes. Me being a non smoker I was just confused. As I asked the woman cashier for, "Newport Lites??" she said I seemed confused too. After that little confrontation I went to Starbucks and got some espresso courage and then drove back to work.

My section for dinner was pretty easy. I got tables that are right within a glance from the beverage station where all the servers hang out and such. My bigger booth table (which only ended up with two people) sat there the entire about four hours. My small two person booth got sat about three times. I had a six top (which I think I can handle now, woo!) but later was going to turn into a ten top. I turned it down and took someone else's booth/table combo. I got a really nice couple who sat there who I actually enjoyed talking with and joking with. They insisted on calling me Alexandra, because they loved my name so much too.

Some funny things happened throughout work. There's a bus boy who's 17 and through work my friend teased us and told him to keep telling me funny things, like "I'm too old for you" (inferring that I'm a pedophile creeper 19 year old (hot)) etc, etc. I love the things that we joke about at work. People think I'm hilarious, and I think they are too. It's a nice dynamic.

After I finished everything, I made $89. Kind of lame for a Friday double shift. Then I went out to dinner to Chili's with my co worker and we talked about my dating life, and how it is non existent and how I intend on keeping it that way, for the most part, haha.

Good day. And I get to sleep in tomorrow, because I'm only working a dinner shift. Yayy.

Oh, also, got my first real pay check, and it said "This is not a check." LOL because I make no money so taxes took it all away. Ha. Thank god for tips.

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