Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th Brought More Than Fireworks!

My first table arrived at 11:15...15 minutes before we open for the day. It was a six top; the most people I've had so far. I kind of had a minor panic attack. They started off the day right with a full round of booze, hello big bill! Except I'm paranoid and couldn't carry their drinks tray, so I made my co worker do it for me. After I got their orders in, it was ok. Just getting a big party like that right at the start was a little too much for this morning when I didn't have my usual Starbucks in hand.

I seriously hated the hostess this morning. She kept filling my section, and I eventually had four tables, all with parties over two. Yikes. Other people should have gotten their sections with more tables first, but I felt like I kind of got tables seated within 15 minutes of each other. Oh well.

Again, I'm getting better and I don't really think I had too many, if any, real mistakes today.
I had a two hour break and got some mac and cheese and then (thank goodness) my Starbucks.

The tables just kept on coming tonight, and then I found out my friend booked a reservation and requested me for 6:30. Her and six other people. AH.

It all worked out, because then I was just left with that table (my friends) and then finished side work, which was bread (OMG SO CHAOTIC ALL DAY) and then I got to leave around 8:15-ish.

Manager: What would you say if I told you you made 10% of the restaurant's sales today?

YES. THAT'S RIGHT. New girl doing WORK!
So my manager is really happy with me, and I am on his good side. Yay.

I made $95 in tips today! Pretty good for a holiday. I'm pleased.

Oh! And I made it just in time for fireworks! Double yay.

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