Sunday, July 3, 2011

Almost Perfect

Today I came into work at 3:00 instead of 11:30 was dead. Again. Holidays.

I had two tables for the first three hours, pretty much.

Today one man asked me, "Oh, long have you had that name for?"
Me: "Oh, about 19 years. But formally Alexandra. You know."

...Ok, sly way to ask me my age, sir. Yeesh.

Later on I had a good section in the back 40's. Throughout tonight I only had one mistake, I wrung in a grilled chicken tenders instead of a grilled cheese. I felt bad my only mistake was on a kid's behalf, but we brought out a grilled cheese within seconds so I didn't feel too bad.

There was a four top at 47 who had an $88 bill (technically more but they had a birthday coupon) and I got a 30% tip of $25. CHA CHING.

I had one table, an older couple, who were very nice. At one point our manager for the day went over and asked them how everything was. They enjoyed everything and were contemplating getting some of the soup to go, but didn't really decide. My manager told me about this and told me to get them some to go, on the house. This couple was ecstatic. Tip, cha ching again.

I was on until about 9. I had easy side work, filling stuff for beverage. And then I rolled what silver ware we had left.

Today I met someone new at work, he works there on Sundays and is pretty nice. He also apparently lives in my good old, boring hometown. Bonding moment!

I chatted with a few of the other guys at work too. There are some cute guys at work. I'll leave it at that.

I made $71 today. Meh. Good for how slow it was considering day two of the holiday weekend.

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  1. Always a treat when people remember they're supposed to tip on freebies! (Also, yay for cute guys!)