Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holidays and Harassment

First things first. I got a dramatic hair cut and dyed my hair blonde(r) and people noticed. A lot. In a good way. More about that later...

This morning Unnamed Restaurant was completely dead. I was on the patio, where it was supposed to be more busy because of the nice weather. Dead. I had two tables.

I got cut way early and went to Panera, then CVS for new blonde shampoo and conditioner, and then Starbucks, of course.

Coming back to work, I was on the patio again, which was then completely bombed, along with the whole restaurant. I was freaking out a little, I must say. The rotation on the patio is hard to keep up with sometimes, especially when you it was as busy as it was. People got a little cranky with me, especially when I couldn't keep up by myself. Ugh.

So about my hair...

  • "Please put it in pigtails, oh my god, I would make out with you right now. You'll make so much in tips"
  • "You look really hot"
  • "I love your hair. You look beautiful" (aww)
  • "And she looks good naked too"
    • LOLWHAT. I just went with it.
Oh the woes of being a young female, blonde waitress. Hahahahaha.....

I made $72 today. Boo.

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