Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Paid Lunch!

Today started out really slow. Only the patio was getting sat, then all of the sudden at noon, literally everyone came inside. All of my tables were sat within two minutes of each other. I was frantic.

Lots of expensive lunches today. I'm really glad I picked the balsamic salmon to recommend all the time, because it is one of the most expensive dishes, and 80% I make it sound so good that someone orders it! Yay!

I was kept on and held the back of the restaurant and got one extra table. Everything went pretty smoothly today, I'm getting better at my job for sure. I was on bread and oil side work yet again, but someone cut all the bread this morning and left three buckets full, so I only really kept up with the oil bottles throughout, and then finished my silverware roll ups and left at 3:00.

And can you believe it, I made $83 in tips. At lunch. I'm speechless.

So I went and got my nails done, just something for myself, and relaxed right after work. Good day.


  1. $83! That's an epic lunch! And now I want balsamic salmon instead of whatever Cornell Dining has in store for me today. :-P

  2. "The balsamic salmon is great, one of my personal favorites! it has a nice balsamic glaze on top with rice pilaf and asparagus on the side."
    *cough it's also $16.99*