Saturday, July 23, 2011

PMS: People Mostly Suck

If no one ever reads this, it's ok. I just need to vent with this post mostly.

Today my trip to Starbucks before work set the precedent of my night, I think. Ran into my ex's mom and sister. I just can't deal with seeing them. Too many old memories are brought up and I get very depressed.

I didn't get sat for a while, but then everyone came in. Tonight was a blur, but I had over $700 in sales tonight. Keeping up with my tables and side work was difficult. My tables were extra bitchy/demanding tonight and I just couldn't deal with people. Oh, and my first table stiffed me on the tip. Nice.

Also, I got really annoyed at some of my co workers. Something good that might have been going on might be ruined now because it's been joked about and is now a joke. Maybe. I don't know. And also my friend was supposed to come in for dinner, or at least tell me they might be. Never got a text. Never responded back to my text. Really?

When I tried to leave my manager disappeared when I tried to cash out. I didn't get to leave until 11. I waited for around half an hour. I made $100 in tips. (Only good part) Almost got into a car accident on the way home. This day basically just jizzed all over me. Yep. I just did that. Too bad.

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