Friday, July 22, 2011

Gates of Hell

As soon as I arrived at work I was told not to punch in. I was scheduled for the patio. For those of you under a rock or wherever, it was about 100 degrees today. In restaurants, whatever the temperature is, just add about another 20+ degrees to the current temperature. At pre meal, the manager had a contest, to guess what the temperature of a table on the patio was. 123 degrees. That seems safe.

Those of us on the patio were not pleased. No way did we want to work, nor did we think it was right for people to be outside at all. Our manager gave us free dinner (bribery) for us to stay on. We didn't really get tables until after 6 p.m., and the person after me in rotation until after 7 p.m. It was miserably hot, but eventually it did get better and more tolerable. Eventually. But I was sort of crabby from the heat. People got annoying quickly.

My one table that saved me from having almost no sales was a birthday. Total bill $159 (after the birthday coupon), got a $40 tip. More than generous. Yay! Got out at 10:15 to run to see a movie at 11, made $63 in tips. Then I was dragged to the movies with my co workers to see Captain America, which actually was not so bad. Chris Evans is fine.

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