Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thank Goodness for Reservations

Tonight started off hectic. I picked up someone else's table near mine who hadn't gotten to work yet, then got sat with a table in my section. Then another. Then I picked up another person's table who wasn't able to work yet. It was alright, just sort of confusing. Got a few surveys out to people and I got some good ratings, I think. Then I got sat with another table in my section.

I was told that at 7 p.m., the tables in the middle part of the front room would be turned into a giant table for a party of ten. And it was mine. AH. My other tables would be taken over and I would only be in charge of this one. I also kept on top of my side work throughout, and was back and forth from dish with pints for beverage. The party arrived, but not all at once. This was good because I was able to not get overwhelmed too quickly, and had room to put down everyone's drinks. Though I did get confused, the party did not all show up, and ten turned to seven. Totally fine.

The table was a bunch of businessmen. They all got beers, some wine, one just water. Ordered five appetizers, aww yeah! The bill was at $100 before they ordered dinner. Drinks kept coming and they all ordered the expensive entrees. The bill ended up being $260!! And then I got a juicy 17-18ish% tip of $45!! I made over $500 in sales, and took home $138 in tips. THAT IS SO MUCH FOR ONE SHIFT, OH GOOD LORD.

And made plans with someone from work tomorrow for a beach day. I am a very happy girl tonight!

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