Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Closing Time

When I got to work today I felt not too great, but wanted to work. I was so tired for whatever reason I managed to nap for two hours before work, which made me feel even more tired. Luckily, I managed to find a five hour energy at work. I chased it with some pepsi and I felt alive!

I looked at the floor plan and saw that I was closing the patio, which meant I would be here all night. Ahh.

Patio went alright, but then at one point someone wanted to order something I'd never rung in before, some wine flight thing where you try three different wines. Then a veggie burger on top of a salad. What. I don't know. But ever since that table I got really confused and was running around like a maniac. Throughout the night I managed to mix in my tips with my change, so I really don't know how much money I made on hand, but my tips from credit were $59. So...maybe around that? Ugh.

My last table only got drinks. They stayed for an hour and didn't pay. Angry Alex.

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