Sunday, June 26, 2011

Order: Double 3/3. DONE.

Today sucked. Everyone was a little bitch basically.

Don't come here if you're a vegan. Bye.

I can't even remember today.

Somehow I made $120.


  1. might amuse you.

    Sometimes the vegan is going along with a group and trying not to be so picky that they veto everyone's suggestions of where to eat. Look at it as a challenge to satisfy a customer who wouldn't normally choose your place. Even if you have nothing on the menu that's vegan as prepared normally, a decent cook can come up with something.

  2. Hahaha, our restaurant is really accommodating. It was really just the woman, not just the fact she was vegan. She was just not a nice person to begin with. And we did create dishes for the vegan/vegetarian couple that came in and it eventually worked itself out. I love my job, but this was the first "bad" customer I got where anything we said just wouldn't please her. Just one of those days, I guess!

  3. Oh, then you mean "Don't come here if you're an entitled asshole." :-)