Saturday, June 25, 2011

Order: Double 2/3

Today was insanity. I couldn't get my breakfast at Bagel World, so Starbucks instead was somewhat disappointing, and it made me get to work earlier, so I went to CVS and got some new lipgloss for work. Work started out slow...and then I spilt drinks all over a table. FML.

From there it went ok, but my tips were not too great today.

I had a short break, and dinner lasted forever...I was not cut which meant I got to stay on and take whatever tables in the back got sat. I made almost $700 in sales for the day, and no more spills.

I can't even remember much. Oh, except I had ice cream on my boob, and my male managers tried to tell me and I couldn't see it.

"It's on the underside of, of uh... Where's Kristen when you need her?"


Random: One of the cooks asked me if I knew Spanish, and I said yes, some. he asked me if I lived with a Spanish family?? Also that I look Spanish-ish???? No idea. But I told him I studied it high school through to college and he said, yes he thought I knew some Spanish and told the guys to be careful what they say around me. HA. Like I can follow Spanish when they speak at 5 million mph. LOLZ.

Only $86 in tips tonight. Lame.

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