Friday, August 5, 2011

Double the Trouble

Today was my first double in over a week!

Lunch was moderately busy and I got kept on for a bit so I picked up an extra table. Then during my break I went to the mall to pick up some clothes I had on hold and for tomorrow. I'm working all day tomorrow, and not even at my restaurant, but for a high school fundraiser, outside, all day. Then I grabbed a bite to eat, and picked up coffee and cigarettes for my co worker. Ha.

When I got back to work, I started within 15 minutes, then part way through the first table, I got double sat. I wanted to punch the hosts. Literally. So dumb sometimes. From then on it was chaotic for maybe half an hour to an hour. Keeping up and getting everyone's orders and drinks is hard when you have two to manage at the same times. Also, tonight was just not my night. I made a few mistakes and such.

Later on I finished my side work and silver ware rollups and left at exactly 10 p.m. I made $121 in tips. Hallelujah.

P.S. In my check presenter not only did I receive a tip, but I also got a 15% off card for Banana Republic!....ok.

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