Sunday, August 7, 2011

Broke $1000

Today started off...rather chaotic. I was almost late to work because it was pouring rain and traffic was slow. Oddly enough, I was ten minutes early and one of the first to get to work, so I got to pick my own section. I picked the front booths and a small table. Little did I know the section I thought would be the least busy would be so busy.

My first table was an eleven person reservation.
My second table was a twelve person reservation.
In between I had a two top and a single.

Later, I was kept on in the front rotation, and got a six person reservation birthday. I went above and beyond to make the old woman's birthday great, and they loved me. I had a few other tables here and there too. I never got a full break in between lunch and dinner shifts, so I scarfed down my kids mac and cheese in the back. I started right away with my dinner section, two booths and a small table in the back. I kept going and going and going all night. Had some bitchy people and really tried not to cry throughout the day, I was just really burnt out. I kept up on side work and was the first to do my silver ware rollups because I wanted to get the hell out.

Little to my knowledge, I broke $1000 in sales, making total sales of $1061! I took home $160 in tips.

Also, on the way out one of guys working on the line stopped me and told me since I had helped him out earlier, to take home some crab cakes he made me!! I literally could not have been more happy, after such a long day, and almost having a breakdown, a simple act of kindness turned my day around mentally. All I had done was bring over a to go lid for sauce...and I got crab cakes. Delicious.

So happy to be home in bed right now

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  1. a) Grandma's Birthday is always a winner... as long as grandpa's not paying. ("12%? How nice.")

    b) Always make the kitchen staff happy. They can make sure the good "mistakes" find their way to you. ;-)