Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh, what a night (and next morning)

So this post is a little late because I never got home from work until this morning technically....

I had a double yesterday and as soon as I got to work people were talking about the company party that was supposed to happen that night. I completely forgot! So my plan was to rush home during my 2-3 hour break, straighten my hair, get clothes, and eat lunch and then drive back during rush hour to work.

I can't remember yesterday's lunch really, except for this:
Had Table 63, three business guys.
"Hi gentlemen, how are we doing today?"
"Well, first of all, we're not gentlemen, but thanks anyway." Oh boy.
I kept up the act throughout, but honestly I was just myself. I consider myself to be naturally flirtatious, but not overly or on purpose.

Long story short I got a 30% tip and this:
"Call me!"
This was not for a job offering, folks. 
Ha. Sorry I don't date over 25(?) and you sir looked over that. And other things. Hahahaha....

I rushed home, calling my friend who I was going to hangout with to pick up lunch to eat at my house, and then getting ready at my house.

Back for my second shift, dinner was sort of slow for me, and I was basically on bread and oil by myself, but during any dinner shift, it's hard to keep up with. I knew my bread partner wouldn't help me, so I decided to cut eight loaves before we got busy and to stay on top of the oil bottles and not forget. Luckily when I was cut, my manager and closer had noticed I was doing everything by myself, and I didn't have to stay as long as I thought. I changed for the party in the restaurant's bathroom. Classy. Then me and my friend went to her house so she could do her hair, we got gas for the car, and Junior Mints for dinner. Again, classy.

I made $89 in tips.

We drove to Undisclosed Bowling Alley which was about ten minutes away from work, and everyone who was already there was wasted. The night looked promising. It looked more promising when we learned the bar didn't card. Enough said.

Later on we moved the party to another co-worker's house and stayed there for about two hours, which was interesting. I ended up driving with this cute Southern boy from work and we got to talk and learn more about each other on the ride home. Turns out we both started around the same time so we had a lot in common as far as restaurant woes were.

I got home at 2:45 a.m.

I woke up this morning at 7 a.m. to do laundry because I had no clean work clothes, and I needed a shower still. Waking up was painful.

I woke up later at 9:45 to my hot mess self, got a breakfast sandwich at Dunks for nourishment and a coffee at Starbucks for energy. I brought a water with me to help with my dehydration, but I still felt like death at work.

I had four tables today, and they were each only sat once.
Table 61 was two ladies, really odd, interrupted my speech and I couldn't hear them at all.
Table 60, business guys. Nothing to do with me.
Table 65, foreigners. Didn't understand me.
Table 48, British ladies. Asked me if quesadillas came cold. What. I don't even.

I had $100 day, which meant....I made a grand total of $0 after cashing out. In actuality, I was short $7, and tipped out of pocket for the bar. So technically I made -$9. Excellent.

After work I went out to lunch for Japanese. Miso soup, ginger salad, spicy tuna/salmon rolls. MMM.

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