Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Full Moon...

Today I had work at 4 p.m. so on the way I got my Starbucks order. I'm becoming the mayor that place on Foursquare, like, so soon.

Got to work expecting tension/drama from yesterday, but things were alright in the beginning. Again, this wasn't my drama, I was just in the middle of it from knowing part of the story. Anyway.

I was on the patio tonight, and very unenthused, as it was humid and around 90 degrees in the beginning of my shift. I started out with one table, with this guy who only ordered beer, thinking he might order food, but then decided not to. my $12 bill for that table was encouraging. There was some weird conversation involved, however.

He said, "Ok, I'll make a deal. I'll order something if you can tell me where I can find a straw hat. Not like a traditional cowboy hat, but a hipper kind of hat, that flares up on the sides, but goes down in the front."

I'm thinking to myself, "I'm sorry, but do I look like Jeeves? Ask a smart phone or Google that when you get home, I have no freaking idea."

I said, "Um....I mean the mall is around the corner, maybe someplace in there, possibly Target."

He never ordered any food.

By the time I dropped off the bill for his three beers, my manager asked me if I had any tables, and I technically didn't. Coffee run for the manager! Woo!

When I got back I eventually got more tables, but for me, the night was pretty slow. My co workers on the patio got the bigger parties, but I did get one large bill for about $92. The tip was not that great.

Throughout the drama did unfold, and tears were spilt, though not my own. Things got a little weird, but not as bad as they could have.

I stayed on the patio until about 9:30 p.m. and ordered dinner to go, and since I won the survey contest Wednesday, I redeemed my free dinner and got an amazing pasta dish, chicken, bow tie pasta, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil. Mmmmm. I also took home some bread. I'm still full.

I made $58 in tips tonight. $1 less than last night. Boo. I guess it's decent though since I haven't been working doubles, and with those I usually make around $100 or more. I drove home and realized there was another full moon.

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