Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Order: An Easy Lunch

Day Five: Honestly nothing to complain about today. My morning trip to Bagel World for breakfast was good, and I sat down with an old friend of mine from my old job, he's an older customer who came in all the time and always gave us money. We sat down for half an hour and ate breakfast, and he still gave me money! Such a nice old man :)

Work was easy. I kept up with side work and even though I had large parties I kept up with them. Table 62 was a mother and her little daughter and they were so pleasant. Then my first party at Table 24 were two business guys. I was doing my speech but they were already ready to order and I felt like an idiot. But they ended up being nice. Then I had more business people at Table 9. They were kind of snooty, but again, good tips in the end. And my other party at Table 24 was so nice. Three teenaged grandchildren with their grandparents. The boys were smiley and both got what I suggested in my order...hmm. And the grandparents were so cute. Another good tip from them. Then I got the hell out of there with $30 in hand, and I won't be back until Friday because I have a glorious two days off to work on my tan.

Life is good.

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