Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What Would Happen If Technology Failed Us?

Today when I got to work I was told to wait to punch in because our system was down. Didn't think too much of it, it got back to working again.

Later on, I was sat with a mini booth, a table, and a larger booth. The table and larger booth got sat relatively at the same time, the mini booth was already eating lunch. I got the table and larger booth's order when the mini booth wanted to pay. I went to go swipe their credit card and it didn't work. I went to swipe another card, and still nothing.

The credit card machines were down.
All the meanwhile, I got sat with another mini booth and they were waiting for who knows how long.
(Insert meltdown mode here.)

I took their order and apologized incessantly and then the other mini booth paid in cash. The credit card issue was still not resolved. Finally entered the other table and booths orders somewhere in that chaos.

I didn't run any food today, that's how crazy things got for me. I feel terrible.

Anyway, managed to finish side work and some silverware rollups, and made $38 (I think?) in tips.

But I got to thinking, what would happen if technology failed us?  In the restaurant business, crash and burn. With a small place like where I used to work I'm sure they would be fine-chaotic-but fine.

And I'm only talking in terms of a digital food ordering system. With a fast paced place like where I work it would be ten times harder. I don't know how they managed in the olden days. LOL olden days...when was that even, though?

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