Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crab Cakes

Tonight was my first night back to work since Thursday lunch. Had a few tables, made ok sales. Nothing too stand out about tonight, except that I got kept on until close. And by close, I mean I almost stayed longer than the actual closers because a couple stayed until past closing time, taking their sweet time finishing dinner and dessert. The legitimate only table left in the restaurant.

Before I left, one of the cooks gave me a to go box again, with crab cakes! This time I was unsure as to why, he just said, "Whenever we work together, I don't let you go home hungry."

Diedddd. I actually was quite famished and those crab cakes hit the spot. Again.

Working in the restaurant business is a curse and a blessing. Ha.

Made $51 in tips tonight. Need to pick up to make more money on my last week!!

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