Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goodbye social life, hello money and sore feet.

I wish I could have started this sooner but unfortunately my ideas don't always come at the best times. I've already worked 6 shifts! (3 doubles in a row)

So my first weekend at Unnamed Restaurant went pretty well. Minus a few things.

Day One: Truth, I can't even remember my first day all that well. All I remember is after I got a thai chicken noodle salad for lunch and my friend/trainer paid for it because I only made $9 in tips after all the money I gave back to the restaurant and tipped the bar, etc. I didn't expect much for my first day, and it was only lunch, so I wasn't expecting much at all anyway. Then I got asked to stay on to help out, and that I would be one of the first out at night...well that was a lie. I was out near 10 p.m. and people got to leave before me. My feet were killing me. I made $60

Day Two: Friday I was scheduled for a double and I was excited to make money. The day was going well and the manager on duty asked if I was ready to take a third table on. Things were going well, and I wanted to look good, so I said sure. And to my advantage, it was four little old ladies. To my disadvantage, two of them each ordered a glass of Chardonnay...and as I was serving them their drinks, one of the glasses of Chardonnay spilt all over myself, one of the ladies, and her green and blue paisley print Vera Bradley purse. Needless to say I panicked and when I went to go tell my manager I broke down when she tried to console me. I can usually keep my cool it's just when people tell me that it everything will be ok that I cry. Weird, I know, but then after my little breakdown I was told someone was taking one of my tables, so I was back down to two so I could try and manage. Throughout the rest of that shift I wanted to die a little bit, and I couldn't wait to get out. Luckily, the ladies were totally nice to me, and I even managed to get a good tip. After it was over I drove to Panera Bread and ordered a broccoli and cheddar bread bowl to calm down. It also helped that my rewards card got it for free. Then I walked around the plaza Panera was in, went to Marshall's for half an hour for some retail therapy and bought two shirts. Then I went to a pet store and bought a green squeaky toy for Zoots and had an awkward conversation with one of the employees who ended up getting me to buy something even though I was in there to waste time between shifts. After that I went to CVS and wasted more time and bought tanning oil, for all those times I go to the beach... And a SELF magazine because I hate my body and I want to look good before school starts again. And since I still had another 45 minutes to kill after all of that exciting stuff, I went down the street to Starbucks and ordered my favorite, and iced grande skinny caramel macchiato. When I got back to work, things definitely got a lot better. My friends came in and requested me and so the night got easier since I had them at one of my tables. Still, at the end of the day my feet were killing me. I made $40

Day Three: Saturday double. I woke up and forgot I had no gas in my car, sped to Stop and Shop to barely get a discount, then realized I didn't have two hair elastics. I only had one and I need two for my lion's mane of hair. So I went to CVS and bought some. It's 10:13 a.m. and I still haven't eaten, so I speed through Reading center finding I do not have time for Bagel World, so I run into Starbucks for an artisan breakfast sandwich and my usual drink. I get to work by 10:30 because I think I have to be there to learn how to open wine bottles, etc. I eventually do, but I need to stop getting there so early. People think I'm weird. Lunch goes well, pretty slow, but I don't get cut (meaning I don't get my tables cut so I can finish my sidework) quickly enough and I end up only getting a 15 minute break for lunch before I start getting tables again. It kind of sucked, especially since I was there until 9:45. My dinner crowd was interesting. And here's where I actually start to remember the customers I had.
Table 48: One of the interesting tables I had was a mother and child (I assume). Interesting, why? British. I love accents. Bad part, they don't know how to leave tips. I'm proud of myself for keeping up with them though; the little boy said chips and I knew he meant french fries. That's pretty much it for them. 
Table 46: Two older couples, one couple had never been here, the other had. I was so frazzled with the British people and the uninteresting people throughout Table 47 that I couldn't keep up with 46's antics. Apparently the hostess took away two place settings and menus so one couple didn't have them and it took me a while to notice. They seemed rude at first, but I guess they just enjoyed busting my non existent waitress balls, and it eventually worked to my advantage. With a $91 bill, I got a $30 yeah. 
New Table 46: Eventually another group came in (who I didn't see and I have no idea how long they were waiting, oops) which consisted of a mom and her son and daughter (aged 8-12ish) decked out in Bruins gear. I tried to be as kid friendly as ever but only got a $7 or $8 tip. I thought I was so good and could maybe squeeze out an extra $3 (and it was kind of an expensive order, so I was expecting to anyway) but I did my best. 
Saturday worked out. All of my tables pretty much left around the same time and I got cut with no tables left to check back on, so i finished my sidework and was out by 9:50. I made $87 on Saturday. That's almost as much as Thursday and Friday combined! So far, everything is working out great. This is an especially long post since I had three days to record all in one, but I still feel as though no one knows what exactly goes on at my job. That's another post...

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